Empowering Others.

Our mission is to empower every legal professional working in every organization to achieve more.

Our story

Our journey from
the beginning to now

2018 • August

First LexDock Prototype

An iteration that's evolved, improved, and no longer part of today's stack.

2019 • August

Launch of LexDock

Garnered six months of press and investor attention before the pandemic hit.

2020 • January

"Innovator & Rule Breaker"

Featured in Business Insider as an Innovator & Rule Breaker in the legal field, answering “What strategy do you use every day to shake up the world?”

2020 • July

2020's Emerging Legal Technology

Featured as one of 2020’s Emerging Legal Technology by The National Law Journal, changing the way law firms and legal departments operate.

2021 • September

2021 Cohort for TechWomen Rising Accelerator

LexDock picked and graduated  as a member of 2021 cohort for TechWomen Rising Accelerator, powered by JPMorgan Chase, by the Tampa Bay Wave

2023 • January

Tech Law Awards 2023

Finalist at the Tech Law Awards 2023, by LegalWeek Leaders, for Championing Diversity in Tech

2023 • May

LegalWeek NYC 2023

Featured exhibit amongst big league legal tech companies

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Our values

Innovating the way legal services are managed and delivered.


Changing the legal industry for the better, democratizing the legal marketplace. Embodying 'Rule Breaker' and reinventing the manner in which legal services are rendered. LexDock is the intersection of technology, legal expertise, and transparency.


Enabling all legal teams, general counsels, and attorneys to achieve their goals efficiently with advanced secure tools. Advancing transparency to promote confidence in the legal profession and strong communication suite with collaboration tools to support the legal team.


Improving businesses, organizations and teams in a significant way. Arming them all with the tools necessary to manage legal affairs in real time and on budget. LexDock is the answer to transform legal services and get to business faster.

Our team

Introduce the team.

A common concern a visitor experiences is how well will the product or service be supported. Breadth of talent

Abeer Abu Judeh, ESQ.
Founder & CEO

A seasoned attorney with 20 years of legal practice. She held various positions in private law firms, government & non-profit.

Dr. Abdallah Musmar
AI Advisor

Expert in generative AI entrepreneurship and AI strategy. Prior Director at PwC, where he advanced the artificial intelligence capabilities.

Bill Sella
Strategic Advisor

C-Suite executive with technical and business expertise at major tech companies. Former CTO, then President and CEO of Singularity Networks.

John Berg
Advisory Board Member & Marketing Advisor

Current AVP of Marketing for UF Health, with 20+ years as a senior marketing & growth executive, with several billion-dollar revenue organizations.

Dave Pecoraro
Advisory Board Member

Strategic Advisor for DeepThink Health, Inc. Former CIO & SVP at SCL Health and  executive in healthcare information and systems technology.

Carl Baranowski
Advisory Board Member

Current VP & Chief Legal Officer at University of Texas at Tyler. Veteran attorney specialized in healthcare and technology law.

We're always looking for talent that shares our core values.

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