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LexDock is the leading marketplace dedicated to connecting businesses with talented attorneys.

Grow your business independently through:

Create a personalized profile with education and experience to attract the right client for your business.

Businesses search the database by name, geographical location, education, specialty area, etc.

A collective of independent practitioners working collaboratively, so you can focus on your area of practice without risking clients loss.

Accepting or rejecting referrals allows you to manage your schedule and accept cases of interest to you.

No-hassle pre-set and transparent rates.

Educational, training, mentoring, and collaboration opportunities.

Why LexDock?

Exclusive legal services platform.
LexDock offers a secure and transparent platform for delivery of legal services--reducing risk and increasing your efficiency.

When you subscribe to our legal concierge service, you are able to reduce your overhead and streamline case management.
Practice law on your own terms.
LexDock is an incubator for top notch legal talent.

LexDock handles lead generation for you, so you are free to focus on your own areas of interest and expertise, while building your business your way in a secure, supportive environment.
Receive honest feedback.
Straightforward feedback from clients and collaborative partners helps you quickly identify areas of growth and opportunity—allowing you to hone your craft and retain repeat clients continually.

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What is LexDock?

LexDock is the leading cloud-based matter management solution built for businesses and attorneys. The turnkey solution is backed by our industry-leading customer support team, who will empower you to quickly and easily onboard and hit the ground running.

Can I measure my team’s performance with LexDock?

With LexDock's dashboard, you can automatically monitor your organizations' performance. Our analytics empower busy professionals to easily harness data and generate reports to optimize operations. Use reports to improve your business’s KPIs, from tracking incoming legal requests, matter success, closure rates, billing and beyond.

What does LexDock customer support look like?

LexDock’s industry-leading customer support team is always here for you, so you can feel confident from implementation and beyond. Unleash your potential with unlimited support from our client success team, free onboarding and training, and an online help center with access to all the resources you need just a click away. No question should go unanswered–and with our step-by-step training guides, your team can confidently use LexDock within hours of onboarding.

How does LexDock help with business units requests for legal team support?

With LexDock’s client portal, you can streamline your intake from any business unit and gather critical information from the very first contact. With integrated messaging board, the entire team stays abreast of all updates on matters in real-time. You are able to easily and securely  collaborate on projects, share files, monitor communications and flag priority matters to ensure every request for legal support is handled with care.

Can I integrate LexDock with tools I already know and love?

Yes, with LexDock’s robust APIs, you can connect all of your operations in one convenient place.

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