For Business.

You’re not just practicing law—you’re running a business. Put your legal team and company first, and let LexDock be the central place for you to manage all your legal affairs.

For example, all your transactional needs including mergers and acquisitions and every day contracts, all governance documentation and board matters, real estate and intellectual properties portfolios, litigation and claims management as well as compliance and privacy reporting, to name a few.

Manage all of your legal affairs in our LexDock platform, allowing your organization to:

Benefit from customized consultations and solutions prioritizing your work and connecting you with outside counsel.

Gain confidence through real-time oversight of the legal professionals working on behalf of your business.

Enjoy transparent attorney fees commensurate with the attorney’s education, experience, and skills.

Organize, manage, maintain and share all legal documentation on a secure, cloud-based platform.

Manage your budget, review work progress and analyze billing reports in one secure location.

Rate your legal professionals and offer insight on improving services.

Why LexDock?

Simplified legal affairs management.
LeckDock offers business clients an innovative solution to the seemingly impossible task of managing internal legal affairs.

Our platform features a cloud-based subscription software solution where businesses and organizations can conduct all of their legal affairs in one secure location, freeing up business leaders to get back to what they do best - running their business.
Demystified billing.
We work with you to customize the level of service that best fits the need of your organization.

Pre-negotiated rates and transparent billing lets you get to business faster. No more back and forth, no more sticker shock.

You can securely monitor progress, consolidate efforts, review invoices, and communicate with your attorney in real time - keeping you on schedule and budget.
Customized legal service delivery solutions.
Whether negotiating an employee contract, leasing commercial space, or protecting intellectual property, LexDock empowers you to connect with over 4000 outside counsels in our database that best suits your project needs.

Our incredible pool of local, diverse, and talented practitioners works individually and collaboratively to ensure the best decisions are made to protect and grow your business.

Got questions?
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What is LexDock?

LexDock is the leading cloud-based matter management solution built for businesses and attorneys. The turnkey solution is backed by our industry-leading customer support team, who will empower you to quickly and easily onboard and hit the ground running.

Can I measure my team’s performance with LexDock?

With LexDock's dashboard, you can automatically monitor your organizations' performance. Our analytics empower busy professionals to easily harness data and generate reports to optimize operations. Use reports to improve your business’s KPIs, from tracking incoming legal requests, matter success, closure rates, billing and beyond.

What does LexDock customer support look like?

LexDock’s industry-leading customer support team is always here for you, so you can feel confident from implementation and beyond. Unleash your potential with unlimited support from our client success team, free onboarding and training, and an online help center with access to all the resources you need just a click away. No question should go unanswered–and with our step-by-step training guides, your team can confidently use LexDock within hours of onboarding.

How does LexDock help with business units requests for legal team support?

With LexDock’s client portal, you can streamline your intake from any business unit and gather critical information from the very first contact. With integrated messaging board, the entire team stays abreast of all updates on matters in real-time. You are able to easily and securely  collaborate on projects, share files, monitor communications and flag priority matters to ensure every request for legal support is handled with care.

Can I integrate LexDock with tools I already know and love?

Yes, with LexDock’s robust APIs, you can connect all of your operations in one convenient place.

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